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Kohina is a free "just for fun" web stream, streaming the classic 8/16 bit computer, arcade, and console music of our misspent youth, as well as the latest scene music from the platforms that remain active.

While composers are generally positive about our streaming of their music, there are various issues involved in tracking down every old composer, that makes it a very time consuming task. So if we happen to stream your old tunes and you do (or do not!) mind, feel free to throw us a mail and let us know.

vgm overlord: talus
server guy: mayday
sid specialist: grue
atari xl/xe expert: pg
nintendo ninja: _zane
retired old fart: stakker

ircnet: #kohina

20110124 New tunes

It's been a while, but we're working on getting things running again. To begin with are some new tunes, from the Atari XL (first tune in a long time), Atari ST, and the Neo-Geo arcade machine (also a first). Thanks to PG, Robban, and Stefan Lindberg for recording the tunes.

Atari ST:

Atari XL: Arcade (Neo-Geo):

The update is around 1h45, and I think it brings the total past the 70 hour mark, but I will know for sure when I update the statistics page.


20090907 Quick cleanup

The relay list was getting a bit out of date, so I cleaned it up and removed the inactive relays. At the same time, I would like to welcome psypointer's new relay, located in Germany!

There is a new update underway, but I dare not give a time frame for it.


20071231 In the nick of time...

The year is almost over, but an update is finally here (at the time of writing the tunes are still uploading, so you might not be able to hear them until tomorrow). The update offers both classic and new ST and SID tracks, from people such as Scavenger, DRAX, and Laxity (the 2006 tunes from the last two are truly amazing in my book).

There's also some atmospheric Mega Drive tunes by Matt Furniss from Galahad (which was named Leander on the Amiga, and you can hear the similarity to Tim Wright's soundtrack)

Finally we have a couple of arcade tunes that were left out the last time we added tracks from those games.

Thanks to Stefan for Mega Drive and arcade tunes, to Dma-Sc for the Atari tracks, and Grue for some SID tunes.

Here's the list of tunes:


  • Hiro - Power Drift - Adjustment Mind
  • Hiro - Power Drift - Side Street
  • Zuntata - Runark - Theme of Kain

Atari ST(e):

  • 505 - Shredder (Atari STe)
  • Dma-Sc - Bubble_Days (Atari STe)
  • Scavenger - Crapman tune 06
  • Scavenger - Crapman tune 07
  • Scavenger - Crapman tune 08
  • Scavenger - Crapman tune 10
  • Scavenger - Crapman tune 12
  • Scavenger - Crapman tune 13
  • Scavenger - Crapman tune 15
  • Scavenger - Crapman tune 16
  • Scavenger - Primus
  • Timbral - Outrun Highway E6


  • 4Mat - No_Idea
  • 4Mat - Saturday
  • DRAX - Capripholian Waltz
  • DRAX - Rushed_Off
  • DRAX - Sinful
  • DRAX - Star Flake
  • Jeroen Tel - Alloyrun
  • Laxity - Crosswords
  • Laxity - IAME
  • Laxity - Schmold School
  • Laxity - Stormlord 2 subtune 1
  • Laxity - Stormlord 2 subtune 3
  • Laxity - Stormlord 2 subtune 6
  • Laxity - Stormlord 2 subtune 7
  • Laxity - Unfinished Business
  • Link - Chase H.Q. 2
  • Link - Stormlord 2
  • Metal - Kĝleskab
  • Reyn Ouwehand - Blackmail Tune 1
  • Reyn Ouwehand - Primary Star
  • Reyn Ouwehand - Super Stock Car
  • Rob Hubbard - W.A.R
  • SMC - Soulfood
  • Zardax - Elysion tune 3
  • Zardax - Proven Futile

Mega Drive:

  • Matt Furniss - Galahad - World One
  • Matt Furniss - Galahad - World Three
  • Matt Furniss - Galahad - World Two
  • Matt Furniss - ResQ - Level 3a
  • Matt Furniss - ResQ - 3D Bonus Section
  • Matt Furniss - ResQ - Level 4a

There's 3 hours worth of music in the update, so the playlist should slightly under 70 hours now.

Finally, I would like to take this opportunity to thank our listeners and our relayers, who patiently provide bandwidth for Kohina, despite the infrequent updates :)

Happy new year to everyone!


20071217 Minor website maintenance

Just a minor website update and small "heartbeat" message. Exxos no longer relays on port 80, so if you're firewalled to hell, you will have to use Solanum's link from above. The location of Exxos' server has also changed, it is actually in France (and has been for quite some time). Finally, the MP3 stream is currently down. Sorry about that.

As for the tunes, there will be another update closer to the new year, or you may all officially start worrying about the website being dead...

Kohina was never a particularly fast moving entity to begin with, so long pauses between updates are to be expected (I think we make up for it with high-quality selections). Sadly it has been a bit longer than anticipated, other things just seem to get in the way...


20061229 Not quite dead yet!

It's been rather quiet around here for a while, so I thought it was best to get some new tunes online before the year was over :)

On offer is a selection of classic Amiga tunes (courtesy of Mayday), some Amstrad CPC tracks from Grim/Arkos (who's making his own Amstrad CPC scene radio, check out their nifty website!), and finally a rather substantial amount of SIDs, demo and game tunes alike.

I think this is the largest amount of tracks we've added in one update. Because of this the list of tunes is somewhat more terse than usual. All the details can be found on the playlist page, however.


4Mat: Dna-Dream

Captain: Space Debris

David Whittaker: Kikstart 2

Firefox and Tip: Musiklinjen

Mantronix and Tip: Overload

Olof Gustafsson: Pinball Dreams

Martin Iveson: Jaguar XJ 220 - Title

Tim Wright: Shadow of the Beast 2 - Level 1.4

Amstrad CPC:

Ben Daglish: Super Scramble Simulator - Menu, Venom Strikes Back (Mask III)

Kangaroo: Autumn95

Matt Furniss: Subbuteo

Targhan: Big'o'Full'o'Dem'o - End Part, DemoIzArt - Landscape, Molusk - Midline Process (Mainpart)

Sice: A Step Beyond - Note 2

Weee: Prehistorik 2 - Intro


Abaddon: Cybersoap, Full Moon Raker, Funky, Hamlet, In Deep Freeze, Monotonique

Abaddon & Teppo Keitaanniemi: Jamaican Sixtyfour

Blues Muz: Cybermist, Darkstorm, Embold, Olledunk

Blues Muz & Dwayne Bakewell: Coffee for 4

D-Tract & Fanta: Drop the Girl

Fanta: A Soapbox Opera, Bushman, Finetuning, Natural Cause of Death, One Hit Wonder, +h2k, Radio 64

Jammer: Disco Fever II, For Rock'n'Role No. 27, Latex Sensations, Let's Go, My Own Hyperspace, Scenial, Sky Flight

Jeroen Tel: G.I. Hero, Hotrod, JT in Robs, Nighthunter Title, Nighthunter subtune 2, Outrun Europa, Supremacy ending

KB: Who Cares End Part

Laxity: Ocean Reloaded

Orcan: Breakpoint, Solomatic Fly

PRI: Aars '92, Azzdjazz, Beach and Party, Dry Jam, For Jamaica, Funky Stuff, Genlock Intro, Latin Liaison, Move 2 Da Rhythm, Multirock, Pool Party, Short Fusion, Slap Chill Out, Soundwave, The Ride, Trifle, Ultimate Intro, Whirlbass

Scortia: DXYCP Scroll, Equinox, Fusion, Horizon, In Past, Jump Up, Nebulas, Thai Myth

Shogoon: Commercial Fake, Fun Factory, Hopscotch, Ritual II tune 2

SMC: Miss Rubberbutt, The Breakout

Taki: Impulse (rerecording with correct SID type), Speed Up

Tim Kleinert: Arcade Intro

Zardax: Alka (rerecording with better SID), Life in Coze

All in all 97 tracks, 5.5 hours worth. The playlist is now 66 hours, 10 minutes :)

I hope everyone has a happy new year!


20060517 Lose a relay, gain a relay

First the sad news: We've lost Draken's relay, since he's moving and no longer has the same Internet connection. I would like to thank him for the years of good service to Kohina.

And now for the good news: Solanum got the bright idea of putting some of his university's bandwidth to good use and provide us with a relay in Switzerland. So thanks a lot to him! :-)

This made the little server map even more out of date than usual, so I removed it and for now it's replaced with a nice little animation from a classic C64 game (no points for guessing which). Come to think of it it doesn't actually look entirely like Earth, even for a 21x24 multicolor sprite, but it will have to do for now. Something neater is in the works, just be patient ;-)


20060429 Uhm, part two of two?

Well, so much for predicting it would be just a few weeks until the next update. In the future I shall refrain from such predictions entirely ;-)

This is another varied update and hopefully everyone will find something they like.

There's the prog. rock inspired Plok! soundtrack from the Follin brothers, excellent composition and use of the PC Engine's sound chip with Magical Chase, cheerful shooter tunes in Konami's recognizable style with Gradius III and Pop'n Twinbee, and also classic Amiga synth tunes (SIDMon) from Romeo Knight.

And that leaves... Quite a bit actually. But I don't feel like writing too much, so I suggest you just check out the tunes! :-)

Thanks to the usual suspects for recordings - _Zane for SNES and MSX and PCE, Stefan Lindberg for the arcade recordings and Emkay for hooking up his Amiga.

Here's the full list of added tunes:


  • Chris Hülsbeck - R-Type Title
  • David Whittaker - Obliterator
  • Jam Cracker - Crusaders 1
  • Jam Cracker - Crusaders 3
  • Matt Simmonds - Chuck Rock - Title
  • Romeo Knight - Beat to the Pulp
  • Romeo Knight - Enigma Gun
  • Ron Klaren - Battle Squadron - Level 1


  • Capcom (Harumi Fujita) - Bionic Commando - Stage 1
  • Capcom (Tamayo Kawamoto) - Black Dragon - Ending
  • Capcom - Carrier Air Wing - Mission 1
  • Capcom - Carrier Air Wing - Mission 3
  • Capcom - Carrier Air Wing - Mission 4
  • Capcom - Carrier Air Wing - Mission 10
  • Capcom - King of Dragons - Hard Long (Stage 2)
  • Capcom - King of Dragons - Vagrant (Stage 4)
  • Capcom - Varth - Stage 6
  • Data East - Night Slashers - 0x07
  • Data East - Night Slashers - 0x0e
  • Data East - Night Slashers - 0x11
  • Irem - Gussun Oyoyo - 0x01
  • Irem - Lethal Thunder - 0x02
  • Irem - Lethal Thunder - 0x05
  • Irem - Lethal Thunder - 0x09
  • Irem - Ninja Spirit - Forest (Stage 2)
  • Irem - Ninja Spirit - Theme from Butsuzo (Stage 1)
  • Jaleco - Cybattler - 0x05
  • Jaleco - Cybattler - 0x06
  • Jaleco - Cybattler - 0x07
  • Jaleco - Cybattler - 0x0b
  • SNK - P.O.W. - Round 2
  • SNK - P.O.W. - Round 4
  • SNK - P.O.W. - Title
  • UPL - Atomic Robokid - BGM C
  • UPL - Atomic Robokid - BGM E
  • UPL - Atomic Robokid - Name
  • Zuntata - Raimais - 0x06
  • Zuntata - Rastan Saga II - The Big Swords (Ending)


  • Konami Kukeiha Club - F-1 Spirit - F-1 Spirit
  • Konami Kukeiha Club - F-1 Spirit - Street Collection

PC Engine:

  • H. Sakimoto & M. Iwata - Magical Chase - Azure Way
  • H. Sakimoto & M. Iwata - Magical Chase - Debug ja nai yo
  • H. Sakimoto & M. Iwata - Magical Chase - Kouri ja nai no yo!
  • H. Sakimoto & M. Iwata - Magical Chase - Meisou no Waltz 2
  • H. Sakimoto & M. Iwata - Magical Chase - Ra Ichizoku no Senritsu ni Yoru Hensoukyoku
  • H. Sakimoto & M. Iwata - Magical Chase - Rampish Chase
  • H. Sakimoto & M. Iwata - Magical Chase - Ripple no Theme (Version A)
  • H. Sakimoto & M. Iwata - Magical Chase - Ripple no Theme (Version B)


  • Follin Brothers - Plok! - Akrillic
  • Follin Brothers - Plok! - Beach
  • Follin Brothers - Plok! - Cavern
  • Follin Brothers - Plok! - Creepy Crag
  • Follin Brothers - Plok! - Main Theme
  • Follin Brothers - Plok! - Plok's House
  • Hayato Matsuo - Syvalion - Chapter 1
  • Hayato Matsuo - Syvalion - Chapter 3
  • Justin Scharvona - Vortex - Cryston
  • Justin Scharvona - Vortex - Voltair
  • Konami Kukeiha Club - Axelay - Return to Mother
  • Konami Kukeiha Club - Contra III - Cease Fire
  • Konami Kukeiha Club - Gradius III - Cosmo Plant
  • Konami Kukeiha Club - Gradius III - Dead End Cell
  • Konami Kukeiha Club - Gradius III - Fire Scramble
  • Konami Kukeiha Club - Gradius III - Good Luck!
  • Konami Kukeiha Club - Gradius III - In the Wind
  • Konami Kukeiha Club - Gradius III - Mechanical Base
  • Konami Kukeiha Club - Pop'n Twinbee - Mechanical World
  • Konami Kukeiha Club - Pop'n Twinbee - Village Sky
  • Yumiko Kanki - F-Zero - White Land I
  • Yumiko Kanki - F-Zero - White Land II


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