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> ogg - fresh tunes 64k - sweden / talus, mayday
> ogg - fresh tunes 64k - america / exxos
> ogg - full playlist 112k - sweden / wilper
> ogg - full playlist 112k - sweden / joda
> ogg - full playlist 112k - america / exxos
> ogg - full playlist 112k - switzerland / solanum
> mp3 - full playlist 56k - germany / snyke
> central hub - sweden / mayday
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> fw friendly links (port 80): exxos (above), solanum
World domination!

the high voltage sid collection (hvsc)
practically every c64 track out there in .sid format. over 15 000 tunes in total, so be prepared.

c64.sk (c64 portal)
what's happening in the *real* c64 scene right now. open news site, always up to date.

csdb (c64 scene database)
c64 group and release database. still in beta, but looks promising.

the standard .sid player/emulator for all platforms.



like c64.sk, news about the *real* msx scene. (european scene mainly.)

generation msx
another big msx news site. updated more often, but covers emulation too.

the third big general msx news site.

msx radio
dedicated to msx. the stream is 56k/live365 only, but the playlist contains plenty of tracks you can't hear anywhere else.



the biggest and best collection of amiga tunes in existence. you'll find a whole bunch of different file formats in here.

amp - amiga music preservation
a very comprehensive database about amiga music and musicians including tons of mods. great place for amiga scene info.

mods in memoriam
a nice selection of amiga mods.

the amiga music player converted for windows.

uade - unix amiga delitracker emulator
xmms plugin for unix/linux/etc. uses amiga emulation and works great.

gentle eye
the place to get new amiga hardware and software if you live in finland or near enough. there is nothing mr. boogie doesn't know about the amiga ;-)


atari xl/xe/st

the atari sap music archive (asma)
the biggest archive of atari xl/xe tunes. the hvsc of the 8-bit atari.

st sound
a big collection of atari st tracks in .ym format.

another big atari st music collection in .sc68 format. also the home of the sc68 player, which according to jess offers the most precise emulation. some amiga tracks too.

the well known atari xl/xe team, x-ray & greg, are also known as the grayscale band.

ym rockerz
some of the best atari st composers united.


zx spectrum

home of the spectrum demogroup, raww arse. the biggest spectrum news site.

ay riders
the ym rockerz of the speccy :-)



the nes music archive, doing it the proper way.



a great selected collection of old school tracks from a variety of different machines.

if it beeps, mr. eeben makes music with it :-)

Infinite Game Music
Chiptune music compilations, and now also a newsletter.



global videogame and chiptune music news from kohina's friends in japan. (japanese and english.)

trez & brioche / redofromstart.com
the dj duo that plays chiptunes to make you happy :-) if you can't catch a live set, check out the mixes from the web site.

no error
daily scene music news.

excellent, up-to-date demoscene resource and archive.

the classic scene archive.

tosec (the oldschool emulation center)
a huge multiplatform database project that strives to organize, catalog and preserve information about all the various old disk and rom images in existence.


not as related but cool (and they link us)

maz sound tools
the site for audio software news with a strong scene influence.

nu skool breaks house dub... groovy news and interviews from kohina's french friends.

koto links to kohina - we link to koto. either you get this or you don't :-)

underground audio/graphics/art.

tribal zone music
miscellaneous (pc) tracker scene pages. nice list of free audio tools.

scene/tracker music portal. news, tunes and info.

the best audio editor for linux. open source and under active development. kohina team uses rezound, you should too :-)

Apprentice - Videospiele aus einem besonderen Zeitalter
Website dedicated to classic 8 and 16 bit platforms, with game box scans, game info, cheats, etc. In German.


kohina friends:

asma.dspaudio.com www.vorc.org www.chiptune.com exotica.fix.no
www.redofromstart.com www.pouet.net www.coolbpm.com noerror.scene.org
www.raww.org msx radio www.2a03.org amp.dascene.net
Infinite Game Music