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Glorious 12x21 resolution.


how do i get this to work? the fastest way to listen is to click the "listen in browser" link above. however, in the long run, it is best to use a dedicated audio player. click here for the latest info about players and to request help.
my sound is skipping if you are experiencing stuttering or dropouts, your net connection is probably too slow, or your audio player is not properly configured. try increasing the buffer size up to around 256k from the player preferences. there may also be some temporary network traffic slowdowns. try again in an hour or two.
what is this weird noise? kohina plays the sounds we love from old 8-bit and 16-bit machines.
the playlist is too small kohina only plays quality tracks that we really like (or seriously appreciate their historical value). you are of course more than welcome to suggest more tracks to play.
where can i get these tracks for myself? nearly all of the tracks in the kohina playlist are recorded from real machines (but some are still emulated). the best option of course is to acquire a real machine to play the tunes. if you want the easier route, check the links page for information where to download emulated tunes. do not ask us for public downloads. a good place to find out more information is the kohina message board.
what does 'kohina' mean? it's finnish for noise or more specifically white noise.
these didn't answer my question you can present you problem on the kohina message board or join us on irc (#kohina@ircnet) and somebody will try to help.
i want to link to kohina great :-) if you wish to use a link button, pick the one that better suits your layout: the simple blinker or the more animated one. if you're interested in banner exchange, contact me.


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